Revolutionize your hair routine

Your hair needs different things on different days

Meet Gemz! Our perfectly dosed solid shampoos and conditioners that you can mix and match any place, any time and any weather for great hair days!

Gemz activate with water.

Revolutionize your daily hair routine with no-bottle shampoos & conditioners that magically transform in water.

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Great for every hair type, texture, length and color.

Mix & Match

Gemz shampoos & conditioners are designed to be mixed & matched so you can select the perfect combination for your hair every wash.

Pure + Powerful

Gemz are perfectly dosed, solid gems made with 100% active ingredients. They have all that you need and nothing you don't.

For Every Hair Type

One gem has you covered for a superior clean and feeling that is as unique as you are.

Good for you and the planet

Zero-waste packaging cycle

We don't ship water - you have that at home!

What to expect:

Unique products for your specific hair needs

Gorgeous hair

No fillers, stabilizers or additives for a pure cleaning and conditioning

Less shower clutter and plastic waste

Donna P.

Verified Buyer

I love all of these. They clean and condition beautifully with a scent that is gorgeous! My hair's favorite.

Judy D.

Verified Buyer

It is convenient and I like how it is saving the environment and that you can dispose of the used containers properly.

JoAnn S.

Verified Buyer

Love how easy these are to pack. And how nice they make my hair feel. Lots of suds!

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